Whirlpool washing machine will not drain water out

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesWhirlpool washing machine will not drain water out
Darryl ramsay asked 8 years ago
We have a whirlpool 7.5 front loader washing machine.  Yesterday it wouldn't drain until I removed the clips on the two hoses over some clothes that had got stuck.  Today I did 4 loads of washing and it worked perfectly.  On the 5th, it stopped spinning again and I removed the hose under the tub and removed a piece if wire about 6 inches long. The washing machine still won't spin or drain. I've reset the setting removing power from the wall for a minute and closing the door 6 times under 12 seconds. Then running a cycle with nothing in it but it stopped on 6 minutes and won't drain or spin.