Steam not working in Frigidaire Dryer

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Donald Underwood asked 4 years ago
Before I start, Thanks you in advance for our time and help, I have a Frigidaire Model FFSE5115PW3 dryer with steam. Came with the house I bought and I noticed the steam water lines were never installed. I decided I wanted to try the steam, and I bought and hooked up a steam kit. Tried running the steam and no steam comes out during the steam refresh cycle. I then cleaned to nozzle, still no luck. Lastly, I took nozzle off and tried to see if water would at least drip out but again nothing. What would be my next steps in diagnosing the problem? I have been doing some online research and I don't see anyone that has had this problem. I have repaired many appliances myself so I consider myself capable but I don't see a reason the steam isn't working.

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