Sears Kenmore Washer – Out of Balance during high speed portion of spin cycle

STEVE BORRELLI asked 2 weeks ago

Sears Kenmore Washing Machine.

Model Number: 110-22422100

Brand: Sears Kenmore

Age: 6-10 years

We have noticed increasing vibration and banging during the fast portion of the spin cycle. We’ve made sure to level the machine; front to back and side to side.

We’ve replaced the suspension springs, counterbalance spring and the snubber pads. The snubber plate is solid and not damaged or cracked.

It’s gotten a little better, but the center agitator section still wobbles and goes out of balance during the spin cycle, causing the shaking and vibration.

Any ideas of what else the issue could be? There are no other suspension components to replace that I know of in this machine.

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