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Jeremiah Conley asked 2 years ago
Hello everyone, I have a refrigerator that stopped cooling this morning. I investigated and realized the coils were pretty dirty so I cleaned and plugged back in. I hear a humming noise that comes on every so often and makes a buzzing noise for a few seconds then goes off. When I plug it in I hear a click then a humming noise for a few second then a click. I can see it is drawing power. Both fans are working and the freezer coil is not frozen. The temperature dropped a few degrees in the freezer and refrigerator over the first hour, but then stopped after another hour. The compressor has continuity across all 3 pins and does not have a dead short. The overload protector does not have continuity. The relay does not rattle. The compressor does get warm. I ordered a new capacitor and relay. I couldn't get the relay to fit, but the capacitor didn't make any difference. Could it be the control board?