LG Dryer Stopping Mid-Cycle

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Anthony Perez Jr/Linda Perez asked 3 years ago
I have an LG dryer that is exhibiting a peculiar issue. It operates perfectly for the first load of the day, drying clothes as expected. However, for subsequent loads, it repeatedly stops mid-cycle. To get it working again, I need to open the door and let the dryer cool down for about an hour. After this cooling period, it resumes operation, but not as efficiently as the first load, requiring a couple of attempts to fully dry the clothes. To address this, I've already taken several maintenance steps. I've used a shop vacuum to clean both the exhaust from the machine and the exhaust pipe leading out of the house. Additionally, I regularly vacuum the lint trap every week, but it doesn't seem to accumulate much lint. I'm wondering if this issue could be related to a moisture detector or sensor in the dryer. I've read that this could be a potential cause, but I haven't been able to locate such a part in the dryer's parts diagram. This problem has been persistent for over a year now. Could you please provide some advice on what might be causing this issue and how to resolve it? Any guidance or suggestions for further troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.