Asko washing machine flooded and caused severe damage to home

Appliance Repair Troubleshooting QuestionsCategory: Asko Washing MachineAsko washing machine flooded and caused severe damage to home
Carol asked 4 years ago
Our Asko (model #W6424/1200RPM) washing machine flooded and caused severe damage to our home. It was seven years old. (I've learned most washing machines last for 11 years or more.) There was confusion about whether our home was insured (our college owns half of our condo), so unless Asko covers for some of the damage, our repair and remediation will be out of pocket. We've been working with the company for seven months, but they seem unwilling to help. If we knew more about washing machines, we feel we'd be better able to advocate for ourselves. Asko at first seemed helpful. They sent an insurance adjuster who agreed that there was significant damage. Asko requested we send in the pump and show that we did not have insurance. After six months of waiting, Asko says that the pump looks fine, so they have no liability. They haven't suggested any other possible cause for the failure, nor said why they'd only be liable for the pump (and no other part of the machine). It has to have been the machine. Before the flooding, it was exhibiting some intermittent symptoms (stopping mid-cycle, incomplete drainage, a warning light, and some unusual sounds), but we couldn't find anyone local who would come and look at it. The repair person we found troubleshooted and replaced the pump with an asko part from an authorized distributor. With a new pump these symptoms vanished. Is it possible that whatever was causing the problems shook out of the pump in transit, and when Asko received the pump, that element was no longer there? Or something more worrisome? The company that assessed the pump is Gorenje, which owns Asko. Our problems were intermittent. Perhaps these issues are not always replicable? We feel Asko should cover the damage. It could only have come from the washing machine. A year before, I replaced the basket, and their literature online states very clearly that their clients need not worry about flooding, and that their units were built to last for decades. Few will repair their units (the nearest repair person is at least an hour and a half away). We believe Asko should not sell in areas where they cannot respond to their clients. Any thoughts or insights would be much appreciated.

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