What can i do to fix my washer Maytag bravos XL F-51 code

Anonymous asked 3 years ago

A week ago i got a F-51 code, internet says most likely something between the tub and drum, remover the drum and nothing , replaced all parts and did a small load, 3 jeans, no prob, did a half drum load and f-51 again about 2 minutes into wash cycle with a tub full of water, it makes a grunting noise when it starts to agitate which might be normal motor noise, model NO MVWB890YW0, serial. C14070159, i was gifted this washer so i don’t know how old but its very clean under the top. and i don’t remember it getting that full of water when i first got it, maybe pump if not working, obstructed and the extra water weight is causing an overload symptom?

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